by Lesa Berryhill

Wow, has it really been months since my last post?! A very busy Spring has turned quickly into a very busy Summer.

You will notice that the pics that I am posting start with a brown lawn in the dead of  Winter, late February, and end with a very green lawn and temps in the 90′s by April. Yes… it really did take me 3 long months to complete this project! It’s a good thing that it was a friends chair and she knew from the beginning that I had very few clues as to how to proceed!

This chair was my biggest little chair challenge so far. It was a vintage piece from the 40′s and had many layers from decades past. My rendition was the fourth transformation in what I can assure you was a very colorful life! I named her Melissa!

Her new frock is a combination of Robert Allen fabrics, patterns Moroso and Palecek  in Lemongrass. Melissa is a nod back to the sixties with an antiqued ivory frame. She has found her new home at Salon Keriz’ma and has been spotted in the artful photography of Almost Impatient Productions.

Many thanks to April for providing me with the opportunity to discover that upholstery is best left to the professionals. Well, except for the occasional cornice or headboard! 

As always, thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share a bit of my recreational fabric adventures!

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