by Lesa Berryhill

     If you’re a drapery designer or workroom and you’re reading this I know you’ve done it! I awoke this morning wondering just where in the heck I was going to find 10″ Tassel Trim. After having a nightmare about a huge upcoming theater project the sourcing panic set in … at 4:00 am. The OCD kicked in and I remembered where I’d seen such an animal …. Vegas Baby!
    On a recent trip to Las Vegas for the annual , my conference bestie and I made the rounds to all of the hottest casinos in town. Debbie did the gambling and I took the Magical Drapery Tour! I found out late into the tour that it was against the rules to photograph anything inside the casinos, oops! The photos were taken with my iphone so the quality isn’t the best but I just had to share some of the incredible drapery art that I found. Most were Portieres and all were embellished with the most incredible trims I’d ever seen! And yes, they were at least 10″ and most certainly custom designed!
   The drapery  photos below are from five star hotels, and my personal favorite 
where I spent many wonderful evenings dining with my in laws whom have since passed, but those special memories remain close to my heart.

As usual, thanks so much for stopping by to share my little adventures! Now I’m off to find that trim!

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